Catchment Area in a Nutshell

Kittilä airport is a gateway to the area, where six high quality, unique destinations are located within a one hour radius. About 1 million tourists visit the area every year, and there are  over 50 000 tourism beds. Tourism investments in the area were about 1 billion between 2007-2013.- - - panoraama_lentokone_002.jpg

Over a few days, one can find peak experiences ranging from brilliant slopes to hiking in untouched nature, from luxury hotels to cosy cabins, from golf courses to picking wild berries. Levi, only 15 minutes away from the airport, is a versatile travel destination with multiple activities all year around. In Ylläs, the seven fells and two Lappish villages, Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo, invite you to experience the real enchantment of Lapland. Harriniva offer s all year round services for all age groups and skill-levels in six locations; flexibility and reliability are the key words in all Harriniva’s services.

The Olos fell offers well-maintained ski slopes, top-class cross-country trails and high-quality accommodation services-  true luxury holiday at one of the noblest mountains in Lapland. Pallas offers stress-free activities, in relaxing company in summer and winter alike with the cosy traditional ambience of the hotel. In the Enontekiö-Kilpisjärvi region, you can go hiking or skiing in Finland's highest mountains, or just enjoy the peace and silence of the vast wilderness areas. The Pyhä-Luosto offers you the opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of quality ski slopes, cross-country ski trails, modern restaurant services and exciting adventure programmes.

1 hour catchment area

  • Levi 15 km
  • Ylläs 35 km,
  • Olos 70 km, Pallas 75 km, Jeris 60 km
  • Harriniva 77 km
  • Enontekiö 140 km
  • Pyhä-Luosto 130 km

2-3 hour catchment area

  • Rovaniemi 150 km
  • Hetta 150 km
  • Kilpisjärvi 280 km

Flight times from Europe

  • London 3.5 h
  • Berlin 2.5 h
  • Paris 4 h
  • Düsseldorf 3 h
  • Moskow 2h
  • Zurich 4 h
  • Kittilä Airport has 8 hour operation, which allows efficient use of aircraft.
  • In coming: UK, DE, RU, FR, IT, CH, ES, JP
  • Outgoing: FIN, SWE, NOR, RUS