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Offering a superb location in the centre of Finnish Lapland, Kittilä Airport has invested heavily in its land- and airside infrastructure with one purpose in mind - to bring new carriers and increasing amounts of passengers into one of the most exhilarating tourist destinations in Northern Europe. Statistics from 2007 confirm the strong interest in the region. In 2010,  214 493 passengers flew in or out of Kittilä. Finavia has invested with a sense of purpose into the airport and have made the land-side capabilities able to also handle with a high service commitment the Christmas peak season, when some 9000 plus passengers pass through the airport every day. Kittilä is the fastest growing airport in Finland.- - - panoraama_lentokoneita_001.jpg

Strong co-operation and sustainable growth has enabled the tour operators from the United Kingdom to grow their passenger volumes year after year. Strong cooperation with the local tourism industry has proven to be a key success factor also at Kittilä Airport. Hence the passenger flow has been mainly concentrated to the Christmas period. In the future, the potential for extending the period offers possibilities for successful business growth.

UK Passengers