Factors behind Finavia’s success

The factors behind Finavia’s success include Helsinki-Vantaa’s geographical location at the intersection of routes between Europe, Asia, the Americas and India, the network of airports covering all of Finland, safe services and customer oriented operations. Another element behind Finavia’s success is the overall business structure that is vital to Helsinki-Vantaa’s international competitiveness and to ensuring financing for the domestic network of airports.

Finavia’s strategy is to respond to

  • the strong growth in transit traffic
  • the globalisation of business and the increasing mobility of people and goods
  • increasing demands for cost efficiency
  • the need for air transport services in different parts of Finland

A gateway to Asia, Europe and Lapland

Finavia’s objective is to maintain Helsinki-Vantaa’s strong position as a gateway for flights to Asia. This ensures good air connections for Finns to the rest of the world while at the same time opening a gateway for Asians to Europe via Helsinki, and a route for international visitors to the rest of Finland, e.g. Lapland.

A network that covers all of Finland

Finavia maintains a network of airports that covers all of the country’s economic regions. The income from Helsinki-Vantaa’s commercial operations is used to finance the parts of the network of airports that are important for Finnish industry and the mobility of Finns but which do not have the capacity to support an airport in and of themselves, i.e. a minimum of 300,000 passengers per year. Finavia supports individual airports and their vicinities and helps to create flows of passengers and thereby new development opportunities and sources of income.- - - panoraama_lentokone_001.jpg

Customer - oriented operations

Finavia provides services in a customer-oriented way in five business areas that form a whole and make up the elements of the company’s competitiveness. In addition to airports, the service totality includes air navigation services, commercial operations, the real estate assets that service the entire system, and Airpro’s service business. Finavia operates in a customer-oriented manner and in accordance with a code of ethics. The objective is to provide capacity that meets demand as well as fast and smooth services. Finavia listens to, and takes into consideration, the wishes and needs of airlines and passengers and shapes its own operating models to correspond to the needs of customers.

Profitable growth

To achieve profitable growth, Finavia will focus on its core business and seek growth especially in airport operations and commercial operations. Finavia will ensure profitable growth by concentrating on its key areas of competence and by emphasising risk management. Finavia will use its strong balance sheet for investments that ensure capacity to meet demand and provide the required services. Finavia will analyse and utilise international business opportunities. Finavia takes business risks relating to the implementation of the strategy that can be managed to an acceptable level or whose effects, were they to materialise, are reasonable. Partnerships will be developed to provide more comprehensive services.

Constant renewal

Intense international competition between airports for the position of gateway between Europe and Asia calls for smooth, safe, cost-efficient and high-quality services at the European level. To maintain its competitiveness, Finavia must continually renew its competence, services and operating methods and develop a company culture that supports these objectives.

Enthusiastic personnel- - - lentoasema_001.jpg

The basis for Finavia’s quality and strategic reform is formed by skilled, enthusiastic and committed personnel who make possible customer-oriented and environmentally-friendly operating methods. Finavia wants to be a skilfully managed organisation that authentically encourages people to cooperate and learn new things, and which continually develops its personnel and management. In this way, we can achieve the best possible levels of safety, customer satisfaction and capacity that meet demand.


Safety is Finavia’s starting point in the planning of all of its services, infrastructure, systems and the whole operating culture. The work on safety is quality work which also responds to changing official regulations. Operations are divided between air traffic safety and safety issues that concern passengers and luggage. Risk management forms a material part of internal quality assurance.

A good neighbour

As a good neighbour, Finavia is strongly committed to promoting Finland’s competitiveness and the well-being of Finns. Our objective is regular and economical air transport that puts as little pressure on the environment as possible. Finavia wants an airport to be a pleasant neighbour and an attractive environment next to which it is good to live and work.